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Gateway 3DS nuevo firmware GW2.0b2 se ha pulicado!!!

En el día 23 de diciembre,el grupo Gateway 3DS se publicó el último firmware GW2.0b2.El siguiente es la noticia detallada desde la página oficial de Gateway 3DS:fdsgthgfgjoi

Al primero,gracias a todos los que ha estado probando nuestra beta pública.

Nosotros mencionamos  anteriormente que íbamos a tener una solución contra actualizaciones  accidentales, pero decidimos no lanzarlo  este momento.

Aunque tuvimos éxito en la prevención de actualizaciones accidentales para nuestra unidad 3DS prueba, se tomó prueba y error para conseguir que en ese estado, y ladrillo de la unidad muchas veces antes de tener éxito.

Por fin ,decidimos que era demasiado peligroso para ser usado po los  público en este momento.

Debido a que  esta versión hemos acumulado una cantidad insana de reacción después de la versión inicial de Gateway v2.0b1 y hemos estado trabajadores  en las últimas semanas para estabilizar las nuevas funcionalidades. Estamos orgullosos de presentarles Gateway v2.0b2, la nueva versión beta pública.

¿Qué son las novedades?

* Más  mejoras de estabilidad que la versión beta anterior publicada.

* Soporte completo para el firmware 7.1 (incluido el Saving y emunand GW3D indicador , etc)

Por favor, note que emunand no es esencial para la última compatibilidad !
Por el momento, sólo aquellos  quien  tienen conocimientos adecuados para tratar de actualizar a la última versión del firmware emunand y asegúrase de que siempre tiene al menos una copia de seguridad duro de la nand sistema.
Considerando este lanzamiento como una liberación para salir del paso antes de la publicación de 2.0 finalmente, que traerá nuevas e interesantes características que están actualmente siendo fuertemente ajustado y optimizado.
Feliz Navidad desde el equipo Gateway 3DS.
Y recuerda: soportar  a los innovadores, no los imitadores!


Gateway 3DS -La versión GW2.0B1 Beta pública lanzada

Una gran noticia desde Gateway 3DS en el primer día de deciembre,el firmware 2.0b1 está publicado.B1 significa beta1,por lo que parece que esta no es la versión 2.0 del firmware .Solamente unas nuevas funciones,sin embrago,también es una buenísima noticia para los jugadores que están esperando por tanto tiempo.Ahora,le damos los detalles de esta noticia:


We thought posting yet another teaser video would anger rather than amaze our patient and loyal customers. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we would like to show you all our sincere gratitude for your patience and support, by releasing a public beta early!

GW 2.0b1 enables up to date compatibility, barring only the 2 known NAND based titles (for which support is coming very soon), as well as the long awaited emuNAND feature. Complementing these great advancements is our new GUI menu system accessible by simply holding down the L button when tapping on the DS Profile button on the touchscreen. For this release we have tried to make the plethora of options as automated and intuitive as possible, and we welcome more feedback from our users regarding the menu, settings and other options for in the coming revisions.

So we left a few things out you say ? Well if it was so easy then others would have it already, or might falsely make videos of such claims .. anyway we digress .. Both nand saving, which will officially make us 100% compatible with all known roms, and FAT32 (drag and drop) based multirom support are now close to completion and entering into our internal beta testing. As you can imagine, both these features required a major revamp of our hardware’s internal firmware, something we had known and planned for from day one so rest assured, unlike others, GW3DS is a fully featured and FULLY updatable hardware design. Our policy has and will always be to stick by our customers and ensure they get value for their money. We will be calling on our beta testers shortly to help us stress test our next big step !

Release notes:

Booting into Gateway mode will now automatically check for the emuNAND partition and emulate the system NAND using this partition. We have also included an option to boot into Classic mode that enables genuine retail gamecards and the emuNAND functionality, allowing it to run like a regular 3DS on latest firmware.

If the emuNAND partition is not found, we fall back to the system NAND and boot into Gateway mode as in 1.x


We have gone to great lengths to ensure the stability and reliability of emuNAND, even though emuNAND is not currently required to allow full game compatibility. For those wishing to have the latest system firmware running concurrently with our device, please follow these instructions carefully:
Safety preparation: Please ensure you are either fully charged or plugged in to the charger before beginning. It is also advisable to turn off WiFi, and remove any stored WiFi access settings before proceeding.

1) Launch the Gateway menu and select the “BACKUP SYSTEM NAND” option. Follow on screen instructions to start the backup operation. This requires a minimum of 1GB free space on the Nintendo 3DS SD card, and will take approximately 10 minutes.  Every console has a unique NAND image and if you accidentally update the onboard system NAND then there is currently no known way to restore back to 4.5 through software means. The only recovery option is to restore via hardware using the backed up NAND image as a last resort. So please make sure you physically copy the file created by our tool from the SD card to your computers hard drive.

2) Make sure you have backed up any other files you may need from your Nintendo 3DS SD card or use a fresh new SD card to run the Format emuNAND step in the Gateway menu. Once this is done (approximately 5 minutes) and for as long as you use the specific SD card, GW will boot from the specially partitioned SD card and show the “GW3D” label in the system version number in the System Settings application.

Once you have entered into the System Settings application and clearly seeing the “GW3D” version number, enter into WiFi settings and set up a connection.

3) Update your emuNAND partition. Boot into Gateway mode, and enter into the System Settings application. CHECK to make sure you see the letters GW3D before the system version located in the bottom right hand corner of the top screen. If you only see a version number “Ver.” please exit and perform step 2 again. With the “GW3D” X.XX.X version number verified proceed to update the console by going to Other Settings and scroll right to the last page and press the System Update button.
IMPORTANT !! .. ONLY ever update through System Settings and ONLY when you have double checked the “GW3D” lettering in front of the system version number !